Saturday, September 15, 2018

Frown Fixer

With Ehlers Danlos it's often hard to find things to be happy about, or at least for me it feels that way. I do tell dumb jokes and do so to try and get the attention on things with people other than them asking me how I'm doing. I love to laugh and I love making people laugh more than anything. decided that since I can't go to an office to work and that I can't even depend on myself to have a regular schedule to work an online job which means that I'm on disability which means that I don't make much money at all and I really have to be careful how much I make so that I don't lose my insurance while on disability that I decided to increase my audience for my dumb jokes a little wider and maybe make a buck or two. So here it is......

The Frown Fixer series of the Carly Joke Remembering Collection.

I have a friend Carly who can never remember jokes so I decided to start selling t-shirts with a joke on it so people like Carly don’t have to worry with remembering jokes because now they can become a Frown Fixer with me by wearing their joke for the whole day. These are my first products in my Carly Joke Remembering Collection. Go get yourself a shirt you forgetful people, no really before you forget.... hurry up!!!

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